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Hi… as I struck out so far on TOTC, I can’t tell you much. f liked Georgia Okeeffe…she painted much of New Mexico. Start there. smile.


My Big Nose gets in the Way all theTime.

I was at Nambe last week thinking I’d check it out.  On the way in I passed a huge gray forestry truck or ranger IDK.   I was wearing a baseball cap and the Man was wearing a cowboy hat, out of the blue I just tipped my hat as if to say hey I’m just here to visit and look then I’m out of here– no troubles, and out of the blue he tipped his back as if to say OK but the gate was locked.

Lets see:
His rainbow and treasure
Whats in the box is his rainbow or is there more?

Peggy…??? No one leaves their better half out of the story?

Where warm waters halt?
Anywhere water stands.
The Brown and warm waters will have to coincide

Santa Fe …ol # 49…2 squared 9 clues
49 ers. gold miners and
Mr. Harvey…Brown Hotels…
Below the train? or
Below the home of the Brown Trout?

the canyon down
Aprox. 5000 feet.

My #2. Destination

My # 2. Abiquiu NM   5 Places to Explore.  

Georgia Okeefe
Ghost town
Hot springs
Forest 31
Padernal cemetaries
Fenn properties
Bodes few caves
White rock?

Pick up ur trash plz nothing left but ur footprint
Snows melted mostly but i doubt its done.


Learning the lay of the land.
Wow thinking trains in this…

The Wifee

A quick thank you to my family for always supportong my Ralph Cramden schemes


Maggies take.

Mountaints…Fenns rainbow…the treasure…maybe a cave…she loves and supports me


Today’ s research:  The B F Brown Project  Big Brown Bats…Cerro De La  Garita is indeed the home of the brown.  Lets work on poem: